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¡Tierra! is blended from beans which are grown across selected plantations in Honduras, Columbia and Peru.
It is characterised by its aromatic notes and floral sweetness with good body. The ¡Tierra! project ensures that the coffee is grown and harvested to the benefit of the workers, the community and the environment.  

Suitable for:
filter, moka, espresso, french press.

¡Tierra!: coffee for a better tomorrow

In 2002, Lavazza launched a project to promote sustainable coffee agriculture. The ¡Tierra! project was established in three communities in Honduras, Colombia and Peru with the goal of improving living conditions and supporting the economic and social growth of these farming communities. This has been achieved by building a development project with communities through environmental, economic and social actions, teaching them new agricultural techniques as well as providing them with the know-how to produce and market coffee via environmentally friendly methods. The project has been wildly successful, resulting in independent producers of superior quality coffee beans. ¡Tierra! is truly a blend one can enjoy not only for its exceptional taste, but also for the good it has brought to so many.

Delicious coffee that is Rainforest Alliance certified

The experts at Lavazza have worked alongside local growers to create a blend with a unique and delicious taste. The ¡Tierra! coffee blend has helped farming communities in receiving the coveted Rainforest Alliance certification. The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-governmental and non-profit organization working to preserve the natural environment while bearing agricultural needs in mind. The organization has a well-earned reputation for its rigorous checks and the strictness of requirements that must be met in order to be certified. As a result growers, producers, roasters, and coffee lovers can delight in the product day after day.

Exceptional taste and quality: Lavazza ¡Tierra! blend

Only 100% Arabica beans of the highest quality are selected for the ¡Tierra! blend which is available both as whole beans as well as ground coffee. The coffee beans are roasted to perfection by the experts at Lavazza via an air convection method. The result is a truly excellent taste: a full-bodied coffee with chocolaty hints which add an exciting and unmistakable aroma to the blend. When brewed, ¡Tierra! coffee has an extremely intense and full-bodied flavour with a thick crema. The ¡Tierra! blend is suitable for all methods of preparation. Indulge in a simply perfect espresso each morning to get your day going. Or use it any other way you like – the ¡Tierra! blend is suitable for all types of preparation. Whether chosen for its first-rate taste or the fact that it is 100% socially and environmentally friendly, this exceptional coffee is one to truly be relished.




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