The first Lavazza espresso machine that travel with you.


Lavazza A Modo Mio

Espressgo is the first Lavazza espresso maker that brews a real Italian espresso in the car, in a camper van, on a boat or any other vehicle.
All you need is access to a 12 V power supply.
Espressgo is fast, user-friendly and compact. 
It operates only with A Modo Mio capsules and fits perfectly to the car bottle holder.
In just a few easy steps, even while travelling you can enjoy your favourite espresso: intense and full-bodied.

Espressgo can't wait to travel with you. 
That is why it comes with the exclusive Espressgo Bag, useful for you to bring your espresso maker and its accessories along with you, to enjoy the finest espresso on the road.

A Modo Mio Orzo and Caffè Ginseng capsules and those containing soluble products are not compatible with INCAR and ESPRESSGO coffeemakers.

Technical features
Functions with Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules
Water tank capacity 50 cc (enough for one espresso at a time)
Preparation cycle time Approx. 2 minutes
Power supply 12 V (power cord rolled-up around the body of the coffee maker)
Diameter (min-max) 71mm (base)
79mm (rolled-up power cord)
Height 215mm
Weight (kg) 1
Compartment All types of car’s cup holder

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