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Balanced combinations for artisan coffee blends

The experts in Research & Development travel to the local sites to taste the green coffee, so they can select only the best qualities to use in Lavazza blends.

The coffees selected then move on to the blending stage: a real art, invented by Luigi Lavazza himself more than hundred years ago. The blends are secret recipes, prepared with care, which make each of our coffees unique and recognisable.

All of Lavazza’s products for the homeoffice and bar are blends. The best coffee blends include up to five or six different types of coffee (called origins), and can be 100% Arabica or a mix of Arabica and Robusta - the former is sweet and fragrant, the latter is full-bodied and intense.

In general terms, a washed Arabica coffee will be finer and more acidic than a natural blend, which has a sweeter and more balanced flavour; whilst a washed Robusta, for example, will be more rounded than a natural blend.

The flavour of the blend also changes depending on the provenance of the various coffees: a prevalence of Brazilian origins will give a full, chocolatey flavour, whilst Central American origins yield more aromatic and delicate coffee blends.

Particular attention is paid to mixing decaffeinated coffee blends, and the starting point is coffee decaffeinated using a natural carbon dioxide method. The process is based on the capacity of the CO2 to extract the caffeine without interfering with the coffee’s sensory characteristics.