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Aromas of coffee: from 27th February to 3rd March, an educational trip for 87 students

27-02-2017 • Events and sponsorships



The collaboration between Lavazza and UNISG celebrates its 13th anniversary and consolidates a joint educational project that has seen hundreds of students from the university discovering the production of coffee at the historic Turin company.



This year also sees the thematic journey dedicated to coffee organised at the Lavazza Training Centre, the company’s centre of excellence that has been promoting and spreading coffee culture around the world for over 30 years.

The programme, which takes place from 28th February to 3rd March, provides an overview of the coffee production cycle, an introduction to tasting, and a more detailed look at key elements used in product descriptions, the sensory and olfactory perceptions, aroma and related terminology. Participants will then have tasting exercises on coffee aromas, based on three different roastings, followed by tastings of original varieties and blends, before they try to create blends themselves.



They will also have the opportunity to discover the secrets of espresso and cappuccino, and to understand the different ways of preparing this iconic black beverage in different forms: as Turkish coffee, pressed, filtered, moka and espresso.



Markets and locations for coffee purchase will be examined, with a particular focus on sustainability, a value that Lavazza has been pursuing for a long time. Here students will learn about the practices implemented by the company to guarantee a product with a low environmental impact.



The journey will continue to go into more detail about the history of Lavazza from its beginnings, its philosophy and its projects.



The students will then experience artisanal roasting, in this case, by Roberto Messineo of Caffè San Domenico in Sant'Antonino di Susa (in the Turin area) before visiting the Lavazza manufacturing plant to see the various production stages close up.



UNISG students will be accompanied on this aromatic journey by Lavazza Training Centre experts: Marcello Arcangeli (tutor), Mattia Ferrero, Giulia Sirio, Antonella Bondon, Michele Pulcher, Francesco Viarizzo and Andrea Mazza.



A UNISG alumnus, Giulia Sirio, is also among the Lavazza experts this year. Following her Bachelor's Degree in 2014, she has been working at the Lavazza Training Centre in Turin as an International Trainer, organising coffee training programmes aimed at customers, universities, journalists, coffee lovers and chefs. Giulia also works on product development of coffee and new trends, and supports the trade sector to launch new products on the Italian and international markets.