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Lavazza participates at “World of Coffee” for the first time, with a stand dedicated to ¡Tierra! projects

20-06-2018 • Events

Lavazza makes its debut at Europe’s fastest growing coffee show - the unmissable event for professional coffee experts and coffee lovers - focusing on ¡Tierra! sustainability projects and products dedicated to professionals

Amsterdam - From June 21st till June 23rd, Lavazza, the Italian brand among the world’s most important roasters, will be present at World of Coffee. Conveying its expertise and leadership in the coffee sector to this special audience, as well as the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability are the starting point from which the Turin-based company is developing its presence at this event.

This year, World of Coffee, organized by the Specialty Coffee Association, is dedicated to Colombia, the official Portrait Country, highlighting the work of its farmers and the unique characteristics of their coffees.

Besides the opportunity to visit the World Barista Championships event, visitors from the WOC can visit the Lavazza ¡Tierra! stand (E16/E18) where, in cooperation with Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia (FNC) on Saturday June 23rd a cupping session will take place, featuring several Colombian single origin coffees. The cupping session will be presented by Francesco Sanapo, creator of the coffee talent show “Barista&Farmer”. 

The ¡Tierra! portfolio: a collection of fine and sustainable blends of coffee origin countries.

At the fair, Lavazza will be featuring an all-¡Tierra!-themed stand, where visitors will also be offered the opportunity to taste the new ¡Tierra! Colombia espresso and filter 100% washed Arabica blends, crafted for professional coffee lovers.

¡Tierra! Colombia blends represent Lavazza’s interpretation of the Colombian territory and taste experience, bringing together the taste profiles that are typical of the different Colombian regions: the acidity of the coffees from the South, the aromatic and fruity notes from the western Cordillera, and the body of the Meta region.

¡Tierra! Colombia espresso is characterized by an aromatic harmony and a smooth taste, enhanced by a sweet taste and a rich body. Notes of tropical fruit are accompanied by scents of lime peel and jasmine, with a mild liqueur-like aftertaste.

¡Tierra! Colombia is also available for filter preparation: a different blend and a different roasting method especially calibrated to achieve the best in-cup profile. This coffee is characterized by a fruity aroma, a balanced body, and the strong sweetness typical of Colombian washed Arabica. Notes of grapefruit, red fruits, bergamot and honey.

“Lavazza global project ¡Tierra! has been involving as well, through the Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza Onlus Foundation, the coffee communities in the municipality of Mesetas, department of Meta, Colombia, where for a long time coffee cultivation has not been practiced. The project of the Lavazza Foundation developed in collaboration with Rainforest Alliance helped more than one hundred families of Colombian farmers to restore the coffee plantations, creating sustainable working conditions and raising the coffee quality as well as the productivity of the plantations through sustainable cultivation standards.” said Michele Cannone, Head of Global Marketing Foodservice at Lavazza.

Sustainability DNA

Conveying Lavazza’s expertise and ongoing dedication to sustainability are the starting point for Lavazza to join the World of Coffee for the first time this year. Lavazza is committed to pursuing sustainability by promoting its principles.

¡Tierra! is the name of the sustainability project initiated by Lavazza in 2002, to the benefit of three communities of small coffee growers in Peru, Colombia and Honduras and which has now become a wider concept of sustainability initiatives managed by Lavazza (directly or in partnership with suppliers and NGOs) across three continents, 14 countries, for a total of 21 projects. Overall, ¡Tierra! is a project focused on the improvement and development of coffee farmer communities from an economic, social and environmental point of view and it emphasizes on three key aspects: the quality of the final product, a concern for the living conditions of the people in coffee-producing countries and the protection of the environment. In fact, its goals are to improve the standard of living of farming communities and to develop high quality production processes, accompanied by the gradual reduction of environmental impact through the use of new farming techniques.

¡Tierra! is also the name of a range of premiums blends, containing coffee from communities involved in the sustainability projects and grown in Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM coffee farms.

Specialty Coffee Association

For over 120 years, Lavazza has been delivering authentic coffee experiences in more than 90 countries all over the world. In January 2018, Lavazza became a member of SCA, a nonprofit organization that represents thousands of coffee professionals, from producers to baristas, promoting excellence in the coffee industry all over the world. The Lavazza Training Center in Turin, at the Lavazza Innovation Center, has thus become an official SCA Training Center, where coffee professionals can attend all courses organized by the Specialty Coffee Association. Within the Training Center’s team there are five trainers who have completed the SCA training process and have been certified as ASTs (Authorized SCA Trainers).

Since March 2018 Lavazza has its own dedicated “Q-Grader” tasting room, where it will be possible to be certified as a green coffee taster by SCA.