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    EP 1800 Lavazzatime

    There is always time for a good coffee. The digital clock on this essential machine - created for an international design project - reminds you of this.

    Design at the service of espresso
    The large tank, steel double grill for cups or glasses, digital clock and clean, essential lines are this machine’s main features, making it ideal for offices, businesses and commercial activities.
    Size and weight
    • 280 mm
      LENGTH (L)
    • 380 mm
      DEPTH (D)
    • 480 mm
      HEIGHT (H)
    • 8 kg
    Energy management
    2 x 1600 W POWER
    230-240 V AC VOLTAGE
    50-60 Hz FREQUENCY
    Technical features
    Rated power 1050 W Material PC + ABS Water tank capacity: 2700 cc Operates exclusively with Lavazza Espresso Point capsules Manual capsule insertion Start-up keys for preset dose and unrestricted portion dispensing Automatic ejection of the used capsule into the collector drawer Collector drawer for up to a maximum of 25 capsules Independent espresso coffee drip tray, detachable and hinged to the lower drawer Double steel cup and glass rest grill
    Digital clock with backlit LAVAZZATIME inscription Electronic tally Keys for clock setting and for access to the electronic tally reading My Charge Lavazza debit system Cup warming level Energy saving function Steam nozzle Steam dispensing knob Tank key Optional BRITA filter