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    LB 1100 Lavazza Blue

    Lavazza Blue LB 1100

    LB 1100, designed by Pininfarina, is a compact, easy-to-handle machine that is great for the smallest of spaces without having to sacrifice quality.

    Big espresso for small spaces
    LB 1100 brings the unmistakable quality of the Lavazza espresso to the workplace, providing pleasant moments of relaxation every day. In just a few steps, it allows you to prepare creamy cappuccinos and exquisite hot beverages, with the guarantee of an always excellent result.
    Size and weight
    • 275 mm
      LENGTH (L)
    • 290 mm
      DEPTH (D)
    • 365 mm
      HEIGHT (H)
    • 8,7 kg
    Energy management
    1000 W POWER
    220-240 V AC VOLTAGE
    50-60 Hz FREQUENCY
    Technical features
    Rated power: 1000 W Material: PC Water tank capacity: 1800 cc Water level in tank controlled via sensor/float Manual capsule insertion Backlit start key for dispensing espresso and caffè lungo Backlit steam start button Backlit start key for dispensing hot water Automatic ejection of the used capsule into the collector drawer
    Collector drawer for up to a maximum of 17 capsules Double electronic check for full used capsule drawer Height-adjustable cup rest to allow for the insertion of a larger cup Electromechanical tally Electronic temperature control for the coffee, water and steam Ready to accommodate the My Charge Lavazza debit system Energy saving function Steam/hot water nozzle