Expert Q&As


  • Is the capsule aroma safe? How do you do it?

    <p>Yes, in the Lavazza Eco Caps the distinctive aroma of Lavazza blends is guaranteed thanks to the “aroma safe” technology, a self-protection technology that creates a barrier against oxygen to keep the coffee fresh, preserve its quality and guarantee an excellent taste experience for its entire 18-month shelf life with no need for other external packaging.</p> <p>The new Lavazza Eco Caps are the ideal solution for savouring your favourite espresso without any compromise in terms of quality, combining excellence, sustainability and innovation, the drivers of our business model.</p>
  • How do i ensure the best taste experience?

    <p>Making the perfect coffee is a form of art. And doing so with our Lavazza Eco Caps is no exception. Whether you prefer Espresso one day or Lungo another, following our guide will enable you to make the perfect coffee, just the way you like it.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Ensure that the water tank of your machine is full and that the device is plugged in and turned on. Empty the capsule container of used capsules, clearing enough space so that you can properly insert your fresh Lavazza Eco Cap.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Place your coffee cup under the nozzle, ensuring that the cup is big enough for the coffee preparation you have selected.<br> Insert your choice of Lavazza Eco Cap into the machine and close the machine properly.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Check to see if the programming of your extractions are set to the appropriate measurements:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Want the real Italian espresso? Insert an Espresso Eco Cap with an extraction of up to 40 ml.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Prefer a longer coffee? For coffee exceeding 40 ml, our Lungo Eco Caps are for you. For the perfect lungo, insert a Lungo Eco Cap with an extraction of up to 110 ml.*</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Once your coffee cup is in place, your capsule has been inserted and your extraction set, it’s time to let your coffee brew by pressing the brew button. Once your coffee preparation is finished, remove your cup, top it off the way you like it, or simple enjoy as is!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Note: *should you prefer an extraction between the advised Espresso and Lungo extractions, we recommend using our Lungo Eco Caps, ensuring the quality taste of our coffee.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>100% taste, 100% compostable.</p>


  • What is the shelf life of the capsules? Is it different from the other compostable ones already on the market?

    <p>Lavazza Eco Caps have an 18-month shelf life, during which the innovative “aroma safe” self-protection technology, which creates a barrier against oxygen, keeps the coffee fresh, preserves its quality and guarantees an excellent taste experience with no need for other external packaging. This is different from other compostable capsules on the market, which use overpackaging or show signs of organoleptic deterioration a few months after packaging (as verified by internal testing of compostable capsules available on the market at the beginning of 2019).</p>
  • Are there any differences between how to keep Lavazza Eco Caps and traditional polypropylene/plastic pods?

    <p>There are no requirements other than those for keeping traditional capsules. Like many food products, Lavazza Eco Caps should be kept in a cool and dry place.</p> <p>Lavazza Eco Caps are made with “aroma safe” technology, a self-protection technology that creates a barrier against oxygen to keep the coffee fresh, preserve its quality and guarantee an excellent taste experience for its entire 18-month shelf life with no need for other external packaging.</p>
  • Where are the Lavazza Eco Caps produced?

    <p>The Lavazza Eco Caps are manufactured in Italy.</p>
  • How does the footprint of Lavazza Eco Caps improve compared to previous traditional plastic capsules?

    <p>Lavazza launched its ongoing innovation programme years ago, engaging on research and development of new materials and technologies, focusing on continuous improvement and optimization of all its products in terms of sustainability, quality, safety and excellence.</p> <p>The new Lavazza Eco Caps represent a step forward in the continuous innovation process of Lavazza. With this innovation, Lavazza focussed on a specific phase of the product’s life cycle: the end of life of the product.</p> <p>In the linear model of production-consumption-disposal, the product becomes waste and is sent to landfill or incineration. But by applying the zero-waste principle of the circular economy, in which nothing is waste but becomes a new resource, to the benefit of the environment, Lavazza is now offering a compostable capsule that can be recovered by industrial composting.</p>
  • Are Lavazza Eco Caps recyclable?

    <p>Lavazza Eco Caps is <i>organic recyclable</i>, meaning that it can become compost if properly processed in industrial composting facilities.</p>
  • How long does it take the capsule’s material to become compost?

    <p>The composting of the Lavazza Eco Caps takes up to 6 months. This can be sped up depending on the composting plant’s characteristics.</p>
  • Why does Lavazza offer capsules compatible with Nespresso® Original* machines?

    <p>The world of closed systems, which has existed for over 25 years, has changed. The consumer wants more freedom, and multi-brand platforms are increasingly successful. With this new line, we will be able to expand our range of products and provide authentic Italian coffee experiences to Nespresso consumers.<br> </p>


  • Are the Eco Caps vegan?

    <h3><span style="font-weight: normal;">Yes all Lavazza coffee capsules are vegan.</span></h3>
  • How did this innovation come about?

    <p>Lavazza has been addressing the issue of compostability since 2010. We wanted a convincing alternative to aluminium or conventional plastic capsules. And we wanted to guarantee the best possible Italian coffee quality.</p>
  • Is the Lavazza Eco Caps packaging also compostable or at least recyclable?

    <p>The Lavazza Eco Caps folding box consists of cardboard. It is certified for disposal by Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD) and should be disposed of via the waste paper collection<br> </p>
  • Why do you need TerraCycle to make these capsules recyclable when they are compostable?

    <p>There is still a gap between the international standards that define the compostability of the packaging and the disposal treatment systems in each country. There are several disposal systems in order to process the food waste working under different operating conditions compared to industrial composting conditions. With Terracycle, Lavazza wants to help consumers dispose of the product correctly and conveniently.</p>