Rebirth through coffee
How to empower local excellence and restore hope to the communities of Guatemala.
In collaboration with Verdad y Vida.
Community of San Lucas Chiacal
The challenge

The community of San Lucas Chiacal, in Guatemala, is a small town of 130 families, mostly women engaged in agricultural activities and carpentry. In the past, the majority of the inhabitants of Maya Pop'omchì ethnicity have been involved in the internal conflict that has caused numerous victims and the destruction of their lands. Now, this community, engaged in the artisan cultivation of a high-quality coffee, requires technical support, training and assistance for the proper marketing of the product.

The objectives
Training beneficiaries for effective production and marketing

Strengthening the association through organisational and logistical support

Creating partnerships with similar local and regional organisations

The answer

Fondazione Lavazza, in collaboration with the association Verdad y Vida, supports a group of 20 Maya Pop'omchì women in their ambitious project: the production and marketing of coffee grown in the community of San Lucas Chiacal.