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Authentic Italian espresso in space

15-02-2017 • Events and sponsorships

Turin, February 15th, 2017 – ISSpresso was subject of a training session, devoted to Paolo Nespoli, held in the laboratories of the Argotec headquarters in Turin. Argotec is the Italian aerospace engineering company with whom Lavazza built the innovative ISSpresso machine - the one that dispensed the first ever espresso in the absence of gravity - in a public-private partnership with the Italian Space Agency (ASI).



On the historical date of 3rd May, 2015, during the last “Futura” mission on the International Space Station, astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti not only became the first Italian woman in space, but also the first astronaut in history to drink an authentic Italian espresso in orbit. After 22 months in space, the ISSpresso machine will again be on board during the “Vita” (Vitality, Innovation, Technology, Ability) mission, which will ensure that another Italian astronaut won’t have to do without the ritual of an Italian coffee.



Italian Paolo Nespoli will take part in the mission, the only astronaut with a record of three flights in space, and who has been able to learn and extend his knowledge of all the secrets of ISSpresso during today’s training, from the technical aspects to the most practical. The innovative coffee machine can therefore offer the new crew the taste of Italian espresso during their stay on board, as well as once again being an object of research, offering insights into fluid dynamics and conditions during microgravity.



Marco Lavazza, Vice President of the Lavazza Group, said on this occasion: “The acronym - “Vita” - of the mission the Italian astronaut is due to join contains one of the values that have always been dear to Lavazza, namely the desire to innovate and face new challenges. The espresso in space project was designed with this precise spirit in mind.”
“The new space mission continues the collaboration between Argotec and Lavazza,” said Marco Lavazza “which symbolises Italian talent which will be a protagonist in the world space scenario and of which we are so proud.”