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“Coffee Design” workshop for students from the Polytechnic

06-03-2017 • Events and sponsorships



For the 12th year, Lavazza will be opening the Training Centre to the students of Turin Polytechnic: from 6th to 10th March “Coffee Design”, a workshop where Lavazza shares its expertise in coffee experimentation with young people. It is an unusual design experience, consistent with their training path, which helps prepare them from a poetic and expressive point of view, with the aim of trying to trigger innovative research areas on product, consumption and communication. It will also be a great opportunity to test their skills in a company using the lessons learned at a practical level.



In the fruitful collaboration between Lavazza and the Polytechnic, a fundamental role was played by the Lavazza Training Centre in Turin, a facility that has been committed to the training and updating of professionals in the sector for over 30 years, and to the research and development of new products in the world of coffee. In 1979, Lavazza was in fact the first company to create an institution dedicated to training - a real school of coffee that has become an international network with over 50 locations across five continents to raise the profile of authentic Italian espresso culture across the world.



The workshop is part of the partnership programme for research and development activities with Turin Polytechnic, a centre of excellence in internationally recognised technical training. “This long-standing collaboration confirms Lavazza’s commitment to promoting espresso culture internationally,” said Marcello Arcangeli, Head of the Lavazza Training Centre, “evidence of the company’s commitment to training, also through an increasingly synergistic and permanent collaboration with the academic world.”



The five-day workshop ( will take place in the classrooms and laboratories of the Lavazza Innovation Centre in Strada Settimo, the building entirely dedicated to research and development, which also houses the Training Centre, and in the Cittadella del Design e della Mobilità Sostenibile in corso Settembrini. The head of the project and coordinator of the study course is Professor Paolo Tamborrini, while the speakers for Lavazza will be Marcello Arcangeli and the Foreign Training Manager, Francesco Viarizzo.



Alongside training sessions on the various coffee preparation systems and on the route the bean takes from the plant to the cup, the 25 students on the design and visual communication degree course from Turin Polytechnic (Department of Architecture and Design) will work on the development of new ideas and projects in coffee world, in the areas of design and food design. They will study everything from objects for preparation and consumption to innovative methods and concepts that allow coffee to express itself in new, more functional and more flavoursome ways. The participants will also investigate new forms of communication for the specific channel of consumption and will design venues and tasting methods.



Students will then be required to design a purchasing space in a high-volume retail outlet, considering elements of visibility and the materials which are consistent with the brand’s values and communication.