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03-03-2017 • Events and sponsorships



Turin, 3rd March 2017- share with others. “Condividere” in Latin means “divide” and “with” and it is also the name of Lavazza’s new gourmet restaurant CONDIVIDERE by Lavazza is the expression of a new flavour philosophy, a new way of consuming food inspired by the informal sharing of the original dishes. CONDIVIDERE will be housed in the new Lavazza headquarters in the heart of Turin, a symbol of a city that wants to be a leader in haute cuisine, as well as the capital of Italian coffee. CONDIVIDERE by Lavazza was commissioned by Lavazza and designed by Ferran Adrià. The interior space will have an Oscar-winning set design by Dante Ferretti, while the kitchen and the management of the restaurant will be supervised by Federico Zanasi, a young and brilliant Italian chef.





“Study. Know. Tell: the past is fundamental to understanding the future and it must be clear that we now eat and share knowledge first”, that's how Ferran Adrià , a food philosopher and guru of international gastronomy through his elBulli Foundation, describes Lavazza’s new project. “The idea of sharing stems from the friendship that has bound me to the Lavazza family for many years. So when I was asked to collaborate in the search and selection of the chef to run and manage the restaurant, I was immediately ready to provide my advice in finding a person who fully shared our love of taste. We both recognised that Federico Zanasi would be the ideal person to lead this adventure and manage the restaurant with charisma and skill. The concept of CONDIVIDERE will offer a 'shared' experience of a high level of gastronomy in an environment where diners will feel comfortable, happy and want to be together. If offers a way of understanding gastronomy that places the focus on man and his need to be in company, to share, and his search for quality and love of food. A new experience in an informal and friendly setting where the sharing of food goes hand in glove with an appreciation of the excellence of raw materials and craftsmanship.”



“Our relationship with Ferran Adrià was forged through research and innovation, and has been solid and fruitful since 2000, the year we first met in Turin. And here we are, still working together after 17 years, says Giuseppe Lavazza, Vice President of the company, and still excited about amazing each other and designing hospitality concepts that we like and which fascinate us. The new project will be called CONDIVIDERE and will be an integral part of our new headquarter complex in the heart of Turin. The innovative format of the restaurant is as democratic as it is unique, and it will allow us to continue developing experiences that focus on flavour. This one comes after the launch of many others, such as the special Coffee Design trend launched in 2000 and taking coffee once and for all into the world of haute cuisine, with all the honours due to it. It is now time to bring something to Turin that can make an additional contribution to the already rich gastronomic panorama of our territory and our city.”



Five hundred square meters of taste and experience: CONDIVIDERE will bring the “cathedral” - the Enel power station on the site of Lavazza’s new head office - back to life. Federico Zanasi will oversee the menu and lead the team in the new restaurant. Steadfast and determined, 42-year-old Zanasi was the chef of the restaurant in the Hotel Principe delle Nevi in Cervinia from 2012. His CV shows nine years with Moreno Cedroni and, in 2011, the award for the best Sous Chef of the Year. “The philosophy behind the new CONDIVIDERE by Lavazza restaurant is unique. Everything stems from a systematic study of Italian raw materials, from the story of their origin, from the explanation of their history and their evolution: this is the basis of the gastronomic experience of CONDIVIDERE. It is a true Food Democracy which aims to create a pleasant environment and informal sharing that makes everyone feel at ease,” says Federico Zanasi.



The new temple of shared taste and coffee experiences has been designed by Dante Ferretti, a multiple Oscar-winning set designer, creative right-hand man and friend of Pasolini, Fellini and Scorsese. His interpretation of this dreamlike space, which emphasises time as a true value of the 21st century, is sumptuous, but at the same time urban and colourful, in perfect harmony with the philosophy of the cuisine of Zanasi. “My job is to invent dreams. In this I feel truly Fellini-esque, in the sense that I love everything that creates visions and dreams. Without seeking perfection, but reinventing reality. That is why creating this new space with Lavazza takes me into the world of dreams that I mentioned,” says Dante Ferretti. “In my work I love grandeur, and in my private life I love simplicity. CONDIVIDERE represents me in this sense, because it combines the majesty of the place with the pleasure of being together, of eating with friends enjoying the haute cuisine in a place that is both cosy and dreamlike.”



CONDIVIDERE by Lavazza takes its cue from the history of Italian cuisine, which Zanasi analysed for months under the careful guidance of Adrià, following the Sapiens methodology of the elBulli Foundation, and also studying the texts of the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Italy. Zanasi then reinterpreted it with a skilful mix of tradition and innovation, the emphasis always on high quality raw materials. An haute cuisine within everyone’s reach, which is a nod to the informal and typically Hispanic approach on the one hand, and the desire to rediscover the characteristic conviviality of Sunday lunch, a wholly Italian tradition, on the other.



“The aim of CONDIVIDERE is to combine the excellence of our Italian flavours and our glorious gastronomic history with the spontaneity and joy that so deeply characterise the most profound sense of what we mean by Italian hospitality,” adds Giuseppe Lavazza. “Without giving anything away, there will also be a place for a new coffee experience which will be very specific and attractive: for the first time, in fact, the first part of the dinner will be given the same attention and importance as the tasting of the desserts and the final rite of the coffee, which will be in a dedicated and specially equipped area. CONDIVIDERE will be a courageous experiment in the service of taste, joy, sharing, hospitality and gastronomic skill, while still remaining accessible and affordable for everyone, following the best tradition of Lavazza.”



“I have shown Ferran all my determination and desire to surprise him,” concludes Federico Zanasi. “What was immediately clear to me is how Adrià wanted a 360° vision of the dish and a full awareness of what is presented. He wanted everything to have a source, and for everything to be motivated and considered. To see how the guys who work in his Foundation follow him is an experience in itself: he is a guru who invents passion, analyses it, and then places it at the service of others.”