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Every coffee is a journey: Lavazza presents a new aspect of its range with the Single Origin, ground coffee for true explorers of taste, perfect for the moka 2.0

09-05-2017 • Corporate

From the fascinating lands of Brazil and Peru, Cereja Passita and Selva Alta represent the new Premium Roast & Ground product, bringing the pleasure of a unique and sustainable coffee to every cup.

Every journey has a beginning and an end, it starts from one place and the path travelled leads to a new destination. There are also journeys which lead back to the origins, to the soul of stories, territories and people. The taste of the Lavazza Single Origin  journey starts from a cup of coffee and travels back to the distant lands of  Brazil and  Peru, where the particular climatic and soil conditions meet specific methods of cultivation and craftsmanship, creating an experience of extraordinary taste: Cereja Passita and Selva Alta.



The two fine selections of coffee varieties 100% Arabica Certified Rainforest Alliance™, are part of Lavazza's traditional range of ground coffee, that has made it the ambassador Premium Roast & Ground and evolution of the Moka 2.0, which are becoming increasingly popular, diverse and aimed at a young target market. All in compliance with the vital parameters of environmental sustainability with certified origins, that enable consumers to discover the continents of coffee through the specific aromatic notes. Cereja Passita, produced in a small region of the sandy plateau of the Cerrado in Brazil, and Selva Alta, from the foothills of the Peruvian Andes, bring with them the singularity of their respective countries of origin. Like a real journey, each cup reveals an astonishing aroma made even more unique by the limited availability of these coffees, which are the fruit of just one harvest a year.



The special grinding makes Cereja Passita and Selva Alta excellent single origins that are also “open” to other consumption trends and coffee preparation methods: in addition to the classic moka pot, an Italian tradition, synonymous with home, rituals and sharing, coffee and its new themes are rediscovered in Single Origins, to create the most intimate coffee experience, either filter, Chemex or plunger extraction method.



“Product innovations have been part of Lavazza's historical expertise in coffee for more than 120 years. The Single Origin now represents the flagship of our Premium Roast & Ground product, and the new face of Lavazza in a market which, like Italy, is still extremely important, and which views us as leaders.” says Alexandre Lourdeaux, Head of Home Roast & Ground at Lavazza. “Lavazza wants to use these products to communicate ground coffee in a new way, integrating brand innovation with the increasingly premium and fashionable experience of the moka pot, in line with contemporary lifestyles, which combine innovation and tradition, speed and ritual, globality and origin. The users will be the youngest consumers, lovers of good food and travel, curious, and aware of environmental impact, which we want to achieve with the quality and sustainability of Cereja Passita and Selva Alta.”



Single Origin is available with special pack technology: a soft, 200g resealable pack with a label on the back and a special valve to preserve freshness and to retain the full aromas. Both the precious mono-origins are also available in capsule form for A Modo Mio home espresso systems.

Single Origin, an important milestone in a long path of evolution

Lavazza's history has been characterised by more than 120 years of evolution and revolution, in which the company has been able to create, innovate and grow. The Single Origins, owing to their unique and sustainable character, represent the latest innovation introduced in the Roast & Ground segment, in a dynamic and constantly evolving path.



The company, from 1910 when Luigi Lavazza created the first blends of coffee, presented a long series of revolutionary product innovations, establishing his central role in the history of coffee in Italy and the domestic market in particular: the launch of the first packaged coffee in pergamin paper in 1923; the introduction of decaffeinated coffee in 1959; and 1971, when the exclusive vacuum pack for the home market accompanied the first coffee in a Paulista” tin, which appeared in 1960. Finally, the iconic Qualità Oro blends in 1956, Qualità Rossa in 1970 and Crema e Gusto in the 1980s, a symbol of excellence, tradition and prestige, still represent expertise in the art of blending that the Turin company has carried out over four generations. A story of substance, vision and momentum looking towards the future.

A journey into the taste of sustainable coffee

Cereja Passita and Selva Alta are exclusive selections of Arabica 100% from certified farms in the Rainforest Alliance™, and represent the perfect combination of coffee excellence: protection of the ecosystem and social responsibility.



Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organisation that promotes the use of more sustainable agricultural practices by farmers to safeguard forests, rivers, soil and wildlife. The Rainforest Alliance™ certification also indicates that workers are paid a fair wage and can enjoy more dignified living conditions and better access to healthcare and education for their children.

A sensory experience that tells of far-off lands


A unique, 100% Arabica, Rainforest Alliance™ certified coffee from the dry climate of the Cerrado plateau in Brazil whose climate is characterised by summer rains and dry winters; the ideal conditions for the production of high-quality Arabica coffee. 
A coffee characterised by the late harvesting of red cherries (July-September) that are left to wither on the plant and then harvested, giving this special coffee its “single origin” notes of honey and chocolate.



A delicate, 100% Arabica Rainforest Alliance™ certified coffee from the foothills of the Andes Cordillera in Peru. Its particular taste is derived from the land which is rich in mixed crops of coffee and fruit that lend some light floral notes to this single origin.