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Lavazza's major role at The World's 50 Best Restaurant awards 2017

30-03-2017 • Events and sponsorships



Lavazza is a partner and key presence at the world’s most exclusive event dedicated to gastronomy, the World's 50 best Restaurants — the industry experts' world ranking of restaurants, to be announced at the awards ceremony on Wednesday 5th April in Melbourne. A “50 Best” event which, once again, brings a touch of Italy provided by the Lavazza name, which has made Italian espresso great throughout the world.



Lavazza proudly sponsors the World's 50 Best Restaurants Highest Climber Award, presented to the restaurant that has climbed more places in the rankings than the previous year. Last year's winner was Maido, Lima, in Peru, which entered the list at No. 44 in 2015 and had rise to No. 13 by 2016.

Lavazza was the very first Italian company to work with international chefs. A ground-breaking collaboration with Ferran Adrià started in 2001, followed by great Italian names the likes of Massimo Bottura and Carlo Cracco, who count many award-winning restaurants among their customers. Lavazza's partnerships have always focused on coffee as an essential component of the Epicurean experience, using only the finest blends to produce some of the most innovative and uncharted coffee innovations, like Adrià's Èspesso, the first solid coffee in history, the Coffee Lens invented by Cracco, and the E-Spoon and E-Cup, created by outstanding Chef Davide Oldani, made to preserve the aromatic qualities of true Italian espresso.



Award-winning chefs, food critics and opinion leaders will flock to Melbourne from all over the world to participate in the event and have the chance to enjoy Kafa, one of the finest coffees in the world and the first on earth. This 100% Arabica coffee grows in uncontaminated and naturally fertile soils.



Lavazza will also offer guests the exclusive opportunity to enjoy two Coffeetails, the new form of Lavazza coffee-based cocktails,  created specially by the Lavazza Training Centre — the first dedicated Espresso school in the world founded in Italy in 1979. There are now over 50 of these centres worldwide.



Coffeetail No. 50, A moderately alcoholic drink served in a glass jar over ice, comprising a base of Lavazza cold-brew coffee with rum and a refreshing lemon twist. Passion Me is also made from a base of Lavazza cold-brew coffee, poured over vodka, muddled mint, fresh passion fruit, and topped with ginger ale.



Lavazza is once again talking about innovation and tradition, emerging as the coffee that best embodies “Italianness” and is best suited to both traditional and more creative cuisine. The company's partnership with this internationally acclaimed event confirms why Lavazza is the brand of choice of haute cuisine around the world. Lavazza has devoted itself to product experimentation for over 30 years, not only through its Training Centre, but also through prestigious collaborations including those with Slow Food and the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo.



It is precisely thanks to the Training Centre and the contribution of these world-famous chefs, that new and uncharted forms of coffee were first invented. This is how Adrià's creations such as Èspesso, the first solid coffee in history, Coffeesphere and Coffee Caviar came about. And there's more: Coffee Lens, invented by the outstanding chef Carlo Cracco, not to mention E-Spoon and E-Cup created by chef Davide Oldani to preserve the true aromatic qualities of a real Italian espresso.



Excellence, tradition, innovation, experience: Lavazza's presence at leading international events devoted to haute cuisine and on the menus of the most exclusive restaurants is a major achievement for a company whose primary mission is to spread real Italian espresso around the world.