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Let’s celebrate International Coffee Day

Coffee is more than just a beverage; it's a cultural phenomenon, a shared experience, a moment of connection. Across the world, people have their very own coffee rituals which go beyond the mere act of making and drinking coffee.

Lavazza’s mission is to recognise and honour the many meanings that coffee holds, making space for everyone's coffee story. 

Let’s celebrate International Coffee Day together sharing all the good that coffee can do, like giving a second chance: this is what Lavazza has been committed to since 2017, through the programme A Cup of Learning.

Empowerment through A Cup of Learning

At the heart of our celebration lies A Cup of Learning, a coffee training programme developed with Lavazza Training Centre experts. This initiative embodies our Group’s commitment, Blend for Better, to empower people from vulnerable communities through coffee knowledge and expertise. 

Two specific training paths are offered, especially to young individuals seeking opportunities in the coffee industry. One to learn how green coffee processing techniques work and the other to provide necessary skills to become a barista.

This is how coffee has already created a second chance for more than 380 young adults from 16 countries, transforming their passion for coffee into a professional opportunity. 

Lavazza know that coffee is more than just a cup of coffee, just like A Cup of Learning is not just a training programme, it’s an opportunity to flourish.

Happy International Coffee Day!


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