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What to consider when buying a coffee machine

By the Lavazza Team 2–3 minutes

Buying a coffee machine for home is usually a very important decision, given that a considerable investment of money is needed. It may be the start of your journey into the world of brewing a great coffee or it may improve the skills you already have. With this short guide, we will provide you with our key tips you should consider to help ensure you purchase the best coffee machine to suit your needs.

How to choose the right coffee machine? There may be wide variation in terms of quality, functionality and price but these factors are all crucial when it comes to choosing the right coffee machine for you. Here's all the facts you should know!

Convenience in terms of time

Coffee machines are often with the best intentions, though they rapidly find themselves pushed aside in favour of instant coffee, which turns out to be more convenient. It is therefore essential to consider your plans when it comes to using your brand new home coffee machine: you need to figure out whether you feel like using it only during those busy workday mornings, when you are in a hurry and just need to get out of home the quicker the better, and you basically need to fill up your cup and get ready to go, or instead feel more likely to invest on the preparation of something you might taste spending the right time, as your coffee ritual deserves.

If you are looking for extreme convenience, then little set up and little effort required to brew your coffee are probably the best option. It means automatic and one-touch machines are your solution! You may also take advantage of pod and capsule machines, which are generally ease-to-use and minimal and do require a very little amount of cleaning effort. In case you are instead up for something more elaborate and complex, then you have a very competitive and layered set of alternatives available.


Cost: the price of a coffee experience

Although cost is certainly a significant factor when choosing your coffee machine, we would encourage you not to make an impulse purchase purely based on cost.

When doing your research you must look at the features and machine options to find a model that really suits you. It is important not to underestimate this step as your coffee machine is going to determine your coffee experience for quite a long time.

What to expect from your coffee machine?

The quality of coffee is indeed something we may consider as subjective and in part based on personal tastes and preferences. Whether used correctly, all machines can brew a good quality coffee. Nevertheless, expert coffee drinkers may find out many more differences between one preparation method and another. It is crucial to define which sort of outcome you expect from your home coffee machine before opting for one or the other.

Are you a cappuccino lover?

Are you a cappuccino addict? If you plan on including frothed and non-frothed milk in your drinks, you are probably looking for a heat exchange boiler, namely a coffee machine which provides higher temperature stability to steam milk and inject water at the correct temperature for your delightful coffee.

Compare your options

There is no need to be hasty and make a quick decision, and then end up being disappointed with your coffee machine purchase. You should try to compare a few different options, preferably in store, so you are confident in your purchase. Nevertheless, many machines have excellent return and refund policies you can take advantage of, if needs be.


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