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What does “Wellness” mean for Lavazza?

For Lavazza, “wellness” means discovering a new harmony, taking a moment for yourself, looking for the

perfect balance between you and nature.

It is enjoying all the good of coffee with a reduced acidity taste profile and all the rich flavor of Lavazza


What does “Dewaxed coffee” mean?

Waxes are lipids that naturally cover the coffee bean. Lavazza dewaxed coffee is subject to a dewaxing

process which reduces its acidity taste profile while preserving the full taste of the coffee. The result is a

coffee with a notably reduced waxes content (about 90%) compared to a non-dewaxed coffee.


Details on dewaxing process: what’s it about?

Dewaxing coffee means removing the oily part that covers green unroasted coffee beans. The dewaxing

process extracts the waxes that naturally cover the green bean and a part of the caffeine. The result is a

coffee with reduced acidity taste profile compared to the normal one, but which preserves all the aromas

and properties. The dewaxing process eliminates about 90% of the waxes naturally present in green coffee.


Details on dewaxing process: is it natural or chemical? How does it work?

The dewaxing process is a chemical process, performed through an organic chemical food compound that is

commonly used in the decaffeination process. The dewaxing process is done on green coffee, and the

roasting phase eliminates eventual traces of the organic chemical food compound, guaranteeing a safe and

good coffee.


Does Tierra Wellness Dewaxed coffee also contain lower acrylamide values than a comparable not dewaxed?

The presence of acrylamide in dewaxed coffee is not different vs a "non-dewaxed" coffee as the dewaxing

process does not intervene and does not interfere with the formation of acrylamide.


Which PH-value does dewaxed coffee have compared to a regular caffè crema?

Coffee acidity is an organoleptic/taste characteristic, therefore not a parameter measured with the usual

chemical PH scale.


Comparison dewaxed vs decaffeinated (caffeine level)

The dewaxing process greatly reduces also the caffeine content (about 80%). However, it is not possible to

define the dewaxed coffee as decaffeinated because the caffeine content is higher than 0.1% (European

legal limit that allows to use the denomination "decaffeinated coffee"). De-waxed coffee can therefore be

considered as a coffee with a reduced caffeine content compared to non-dewaxed one.



What is meant by "less acidity"?

The dewaxing process reduces the wax content that naturally covers the coffee bean, decreasing its acidity

taste profile and preserving the full aroma of coffee


Does the acidity vary according to the preparation type?

The product promise is the lower acidity taste profile, and this attribute does not change regardless of the

preparation method because it is an intrinsic peculiarity of the blend and of the dewaxing process to which

it is subjected.


Is it a more digestible coffee?

There are no clinical studies demonstrating the correlation between wax reduction and greater coffee



Can I drink as many as I want?

As for all coffees, there are daily consumption limits related to caffeine consumption defined by EFSA*. The

dewaxed coffee is no exception: a cup of coffee contains about 25mg of caffeine compared to an average

cup of espresso that contains about 80mg.

(*) link EFSA


Why are the other products of Lavazza range “not dewaxed”?

Lavazza has always been committed to continuous research and experimentation to create new products

that respond to emerging market needs and that complement the established legacy range. For this reason,

Lavazza has created Tierra Wellness Dewaxed through a process that reduces the waxes that naturally

cover the bean but preserves all the properties and aromas of the coffee. Tierra Wellness Dewaxed is the

ideal product for those who want to be in harmony at any time of the day, without giving up taste and



Why can't we communicate a more direct functionality?

Indications linked to a more specific functionality fall within the so-called “health claims” ruled by a

preliminary and expressed authorization from the institutions and as of today no coffee claims are present

in the register.




Is the taste of the dewaxed coffee different from the others? In what sense? Is it less intense?

Lavazza Tierra Wellness Dewaxed is a full-flavored coffee with strong aromatic notes of chocolate. The

dewaxing process makes the profile of this coffee more rounded, preserving its taste and aroma.


Which roasting method is used for Tierra Wellness?

The dewaxed coffee does not differ in the roasting method compared to other not dewaxed coffees.


Does Tierra Wellness contain only mild Arabica?

No, it is a blend of Arabica and Robusta, Arabica gives aromaticity and sweetness/delicacy, while Robusta

gives intensity and body


Difference in intensity between Tierra dewaxed and Tierra Organic: why is the dewaxed coffee (blend of A /R) less intense (intensity 5/10) than Tierra Organic which is 100% A (intensity 6/10)?

Tierra Wellness Dewaxed is a full-flavored coffee with strong aromatic notes of chocolate. Tierra Organic is

a more aromatic coffee, 100% Arabica with floral notes. While Tierra Organic blend has a higher acidity

taste profile that makes the blend more intense and persistent, the dewaxed has a less acid taste profile,

thanks to the dewaxing process that makes the taste profile more rounded, preserving its taste and aroma.

For this reason, even if Tierra Wellness Dewaxed coffee contains a % of Robusta, the result is less intense

than a 100% Arabica.


What are the origin countries of Tierra Wellness?

Arabica from Brazil; Robusta from South East Asia and Africa.



The Rainforest Alliance is a non-governmental organization (NGO) whose purpose is to preserve biodiversity

and ensure sustainable living conditions for growers in the production areas. Plantations that receive

Rainforest Alliance certification are required to comply with sustainable agriculture standards that promote

environmental responsibility, social equity and economic sustainability for agricultural communities.

Lavazza has always adopted a systemic model whereby sustainability is an integral part of the business and

involves every step of the production chain, from the raw material to the finished product. The ability to

combine profit with the social, environmental and cultural attention of producing countries is rooted in

Lavazza's own DNA and has been handed down for over 120 years.

Lavazza Tierra is a range of high-quality coffee. It is the perfect combination of excellence in taste, wellness

and sustainability.

The TIERRA range consists of:

          • Tierra Bio-Organic: 100% organic. A high-quality coffee roasted according to the authentic Italian

tradition for a full-bodied and aromatic coffee.

          • Tierra Wellness Dewaxed: a delicate coffee with lower waxes that naturally covers the bean, thanks

to a process that reduces the acidity taste profile and preserves the aroma and properties of the



Why does Tierra Wellness Dewaxed only contain 30% of RFA certified coffee?

The certification is not the primary element of the Tierra Wellness Dewaxed offer, but it’s still relevant

because it is a fundamental element of Tierra power brand. In this sense, the choice was to include this

strategic asset on the dewaxed, even if as a secondary role, with respect to the main message that is the

dewaxed characteristic (less acidity taste profile, rich taste).