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Excellence attracts excellence, some say.

Therefore, it is not a mere chance that in 2018 our brand ambassador, Massimo Bottura, and his Osteria Francescana came first place on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list - an annual classification drawn up by over a thousand culinary experts, with the aim of providing a snapshot of the must-visit destinations and unique culinary experiences.

As a major partner of the initiative, the Lavazza brand emerged as a star alongside Massimo Bottura, who drew inspiration from the quality and versatility of Lavazza’s ¡Tierra! blend to win over his guests with a recipe that incorporated candied bergamot, capers, oregano, almond granita, sea salt, lemon rind and coffee powder. The three Michelin-starred chef from Modena named this recipe, “Come to Italy with me – Vieni in Italia con me.”

savoury reinterpretation of the traditional Sicilian granita, Bottura’s one-of-a-kind recipe, created to be more than a coffee ritual revisited, sought to call the most commonly held convictions about coffee into question, as it was savory rather than sweet, cold rather than hot, and served at the beginning of a meal rather than at the very end. The beverage was served in a Lavazza Puraforma espresso cup.

Massimo Bottura team
Lavazza Puraforma espresso cup
Lavazza ¡Tierra! Blend presentation
Lavazza ¡Tierra! blend
World’s 50 Best Restaurants event
World’s 50 Best Restaurants
World’s 50 Best Restaurants list
World’s 50 Best Restaurants place

Thanks to this event and Bottura’s recipe, Lavazza has once again reaffirmed itself as one of the main coffee brands chosen in top gastronomy worldwide.

Lavazza’s dominant position in all things coffee is further confirmed by its Training Center, the first Espresso school founded in Italy in 1979. For over 30 years, this training center has dedicated itself to experimenting with coffee flavors and aromas to create unique recipes. Today, it boasts over 50 branches all over the world.

Massimo Bottura speaking


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