breakfasts around the world breakfasts around the world

Breakfasts around the world

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Breakfast isn't just a meal; it's a celebration of each region or country’s unique ingredients, culinary techniques, and cultural heritage. From the hearty and savoury, to the sweet and indulgent, breakfast foods around the world vary as widely as the landscapes and communities they originate from.

Having breakfast in different countries can be an unforgettable culinary experience for those who love exploring new flavours. Here are some mouth-watering breakfasts from around the world that you should sample.

Italian breakfast

You can’t skip Italy when talking about traditional breakfasts around the world. When you think of Italian food, pizza and pasta are probably the first things that come to mind. But an Italian breakfast includes plenty of delicious food and drink, such as pastries and traditional coffee.

If you’re visiting Italy and indulging in a homemade breakfast, you’ll typically enjoy bread with butter and jam, or Italian biscuits and cereals. Of course, you can enjoy all this with a delicious Italian coffee or hot chocolate.

If you’re staying in a hotel, you’re likely to find a more extensive choice. The breakfast buffet will include cereal, various bread options, and cakes such as crostata, ciambellone and croissants.

The buffet often provides savoury options too, like sliced cold cuts and charcuteries. Most authentic breakfasts in Italy are cold dishes, but some serve eggs, which you can order to suit your preference.

Australian breakfast

Compared to Italy, authentic Australian dishes aren’t as well-known. The country has a mixture of cultures, so you’ll find several different breakfasts around the world in Australia. Many believe that Australians eat toast and vegemite for breakfast, but that isn’t true.

The most widely consumed breakfast in Australia is The Big Fry, which is similar to American and UK breakfasts. The plate will include fried eggs, smoked bacon, mushrooms, and grilled tomatoes. Another popular dish is avocado on toast – it’s a typical breakfast choice in eateries and is usually served with a poached egg on top.

For a sweet option, toasted banana bread is the most popular choice – especially among Australians who enjoy a morning coffee.

English breakfast

The typical English Breakfast is well-known around the world. Picture a plate with golden fried eggs, sizzling bacon, tomatoes, sausages, mushrooms, baked beans, and toast… It’s the classic choice, but not the best choice when it comes to time and health.

That’s why most Brits prefer to start their day with something simpler. Beans on crispy toast is a staple – perhaps with a sprinkling of cheese on top.

We can’t forget a cup of tea when talking about the UK. Brits who love to drink a hot cuppa in the morning often have it with biscuits or crumpets. They’re also a popular choice for people with busy mornings, or those who prefer to start their day with hot coffee.

American Breakfast

The American breakfast menu is similar to the English, but with a slight difference: the most common American breakfasts include ham, sausages, bacon, and eggs. Some also like to eat steak, alongside potato dishes like mash or hash browns.

Americans who prefer a sweet breakfast might choose muffins with their hot cup of coffee. Another popular choice is the American signature waffles and pancakes.

Since the Spanish flu epidemic, orange juice has become a staple due to its health benefits; so many Americans drink this cold fruit juice for breakfast.

German Breakfast

Italy isn’t the only country to take pride in their baked goods. For Germans, bread with butter, jams or local honey is the most common breakfast choice. Many also add thinly sliced meat and cheese, and some like to put leberwurst (liver sausage) on their bread. Those who need a quick breakfast might choose simple muesli and a boiled egg.

Many Germans choose a coffee to start their day, while some prefer to eat their breakfast with juice.


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