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Dennis Zoppi's inspiring story as a mixologist is a medley of research, creativity and experimentation.

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Born in Cremona in 1980, this popular Italian mixologist is known for excelling at finding innovative ways to create cocktails that offer a unique and creative experience.

By imposing no limits of any kind on himself, he continuously strives for excellence taking inspiration from highly refined details to create the multi-sensorial mixology experience that is now known as cocktail design.

Chef Dennis Zoppi
Dennis Zoppi for Lavazza
Zoppi creative cocktail
Zoppi at Smile Tree
Dennis Zoppi preparation
Dennis Zoppi presentation

An adopted son of Turin, Zoppi began working as a bartender in this historic yet vibrant Italian city in 1996, where he later founded Smile Tree, the first venue in Turin to offer cocktail design.


A treat for the eyes and the taste buds, Zoppi’s cocktails at Smile Tree are a small work of cocktail art. This cocktail bar, a magical lair with a counter rich in surprises, is the birthplace of a long list of exceptionally flavourful cocktails, the fruit of a great deal of research, experimentation and creativity.

Zoppi cocktail design
cocktail art

With special effects, smoke, crystallized fruit, caramelized popcorn and truffle chocolates, Zoppi's cocktails are not only a one-of-a-kind combination of flavours and scents, but real architectural installations that tell quite a story, with their beautiful and characteristic exteriors.

Zoppi’s exceptional skills as Smile Tree’s mixologist are what put him on the map of the food and drinks services industry in Italy.


Inspired by the coffee and tobacco shop owned by his friend’s family in Cremona, Zoppi fell in love with the espresso.

Zoppi for Lavazza
Zoppi with public
Zoppi with espresso cup
Zoppi drinks espresso

As he embarked on his journey as a mixologist, his was re-introduced to coffee during his first course for barmen at the A.I.B.S. institute. His teacher, who was quite the coffee connoisseur and enthusiast, introduced Zoppi to the plethora of possibilities offered by this very precious, raw material.

Since then, coffee has been a key ingredient in many of Zoppi’s creations. An excellent component in any concoction, Zoppi believes the taste of coffee can awaken memories, a little nostalgia and, more importantly, connect those who share in its experience. As a result, today Dennis Zoppi is also involved in the creation of several new coffee products/recipes as both a mixology mentor and a consultant.

Zoppi lavazza cup


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