Lavazza Voicy - FAQs


How to download the Lavazza app; how to connect Lavazza Voicy to the home network and how to login to Amazon services;

  • 1) How can I download the “Piacere Lavazza” App? I have an IOS device

    <p>The “Piacere Lavazza” app can be downloaded from the App Store or by following the wizard available by framing the QR code on the last page of the QUICK START GUIDE available in the machine's packaging.</p>
  • 2) How can I download the “Piacere Lavazza” App? I have an Android device

    <p>The “Piacere Lavazza” App can be downloaded from Google Play or by following the wizard available by framing the QR code on the last page of the QUICK START GUIDE available in the machine’s packaging.</p>
  • 3) Is my device compatible? What kind of minimum requirements are requested?

    <p>Check the supported Android and IOS versions from Google Play and App Store. If the device is not suitable, for example because it is too old, two scenarios may occur: you can install but not use the app or be blocked at the app installation stage.</p> <p><u>See the list of minimum requirements</u></p> <p>For Android:<br> SO 5.1 or higher (API level 22)<br> HW: any except tablet</p> <p>For iOS:<br> SO: iOS 11 or higher<br> HW: iPhone 5s or any HW able to support iOS 11 (also iPad)</p> <p>As technology evolves, always do what the store says for the single APP as minimum requirements.<i></i></p>
  • 4) What do I need to start the machine registration process?

    <p>To start and successfully complete the machine registration procedure you must have</p> <ul> <li>Credentials to access the “Piacere Lavazza” App. You can use the Lavazza credentials you already have to access or 1895. Otherwise you can register on the “Piacere Lavazza” App after downloading it. Remember that you can register and access the “Piacere Lavazza” App using your Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook accounts.</li> <li>Identification of the Wi-Fi network and related access password.</li> <li>Amazon Alexa credentials if you are already registered, otherwise you can register even when activating the machine.</li> </ul>
  • 5) How do I know which version of the APP I have installed?

    <p>The version of the app, both for IOS and Android, is available in the app:</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Profile -&gt; Settings -&gt; Version (last section below).<i></i></p>
  • 6) How do I know if the registration was successful?

    <p><b><u>CHECK N° 1: Check if the machine is connected to the Wi-Fi of the home network</u></b></p> <p>To check this, ask the customer to carry out this test: Turn Voicy on-off via the Lavazza Piacere APP.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>If the machine is not connected to the Wi-Fi network:</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;a) Check that the customer has selected the correct Wi-Fi network &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;and that the password has been entered correctly.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;b) Check from the Wi-Fi configuration that there is no maximum &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;limit of connected devices.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;c) Check that Voicy is not too far from the router and that no signal &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;is arriving</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;d) If your router has separate network names (also called SSIDs) for &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, try moving the device from one &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;network to another. For example, if your router has &quot;Home-2,4&quot; and &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&quot;Home-5&quot; wireless networks, disconnect from the network you are &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;using and try to connect to the other one.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;e) If the Wi-Fi password has recently changed, update the Wi-Fi &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;settings for your device in the Alexa App.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;f) Check that the device is away from possible sources of &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;interference, such as microwave ovens, baby monitors and other &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;electronic devices.</p> <p><b>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;g)&nbsp;</b>If you are having connection problems on multiple devices, it &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;may be a network problem. You can wait a few hours and try again &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;in the event of a network outage or contact your internet service &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;provider</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><b><u>CHECK N° 2: Check that the skills are active</u></b></p> <p><b><u>&nbsp;</u></b></p> <p>To check this, ask the consumer to ask: (a) “Alexa, what time is it” and then (b) “Alexa, make me some coffee”.</p> <p><b>If it doesn’t work (A): Ask the user to open the “Piacere Lavazza” App and access the &quot;Your machines&quot; section.</b></p> <ul> <li>Select your Voicy, go to the &quot;logout Amazon account&quot; section and proceed with logging into the Amazon account</li> <li>You can then re-enter your Amazon credentials by clicking on &quot;Connect your Voicy to an Amazon account.&quot;</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><b>If it does not work (B), ask the user to do an access test on an Amazon account and check that the Lavazza SKILL is active on the ALEXA APP - (in case of a user who has not passed through the Lavazza APP).</b></p> <p>To use a skill, activate it in the &quot;Skills and games&quot; section of the Alexa App or from the Alexa Skills Store, then make your request based on the example sentences you can see in the application.</p> <p>For most problems with Alexa Skills, you need to disable and enable Skills again. You will need to re-enter your skill login details or settings. To do this from the Alexa App:</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;a. From the Alexa app Home Open &quot;More&quot; and select &quot;Skills and &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;games&quot;.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;b. Select &quot;Your Skills&quot;.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;c. Scroll through the list and tap the Skill.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;d. Select &quot;Disable Skill&quot; and confirm your choice on the next screen.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;e. Select &quot;Enable&quot;, then restart the Alexa device.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;f. Account linking with Lavazza account (insert credentials with &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Lavazza account).</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;g. Once the Alexa device has restarted, try using the skill again.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;h. For instructions on using the skill, see the skill detail page in the &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Alexa app.</p> <p>For more information on Alexa Skills, see the page: <a href=";node=11242734031">;node=11242734031</a></p> <p><b>If it doesn't work (C), verify that the customer always says ALEXA at ​​the beginning of the sentence.</b></p> <p><b>If it does not work (D), check if the invocation used by the customer is among those recognized by Voicy - see file with invocations recap.</b></p> <p><b><u>CHECK N° 3: Check that the data connection flag on the smartphone in the data connection section is active for the “Piacere Lavazza” App</u></b></p> <p><b>iOS</b>: go to “Settings -&gt; Cellular -&gt; Cellular data” scroll to the “Piacere Lavazza” App and make sure that the &quot;use cellular data&quot; flag is activated.</p> <p><b>Android</b>: go to &quot;Settings -&gt; Connections -&gt; Data usage -&gt; Apps that only use data connections&quot; and locate the “Piacere Lavazza” App with YES.</p> <p><b>Above point for Android may vary depending on customer's phone, once you go into the settings section.</b></p>
  • 7) Which frequencies does Voicy work with?

    <p>Voicy works with the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequencies</p>
  • 8) In the registration process, the app screen remains fixed at: "Voicy is connecting", how do I solve?

    <p>Press and hold the key with the Alexa symbol (action) and wait for voice feedback to confirm the factory reset. Then repeat the machine registration operations.</p>
  • 9) I want to change the Voicy association and match it with another user, how should I proceed?

    <p>In the APP -&gt; Machines-&gt; Click on Machine -&gt; Remove Coffee Machine.</p> <p>The system prompts you for confirmation.</p>
  • 10) I want to connect the machine to a different Wi-Fi (for example to bring it to my house by the sea), what should I do?

    <p>Press and hold the key with the Alexa symbol (action) and wait for voice feedback. Repeat the pairing process.</p>
  • 11) Where can I find manuals and support tutorials?

    <p>1)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; In the machine box you will find:</p> <ul> <li>Quick Start Guide</li> <li>Brief manual</li> </ul> <p>2)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; In the “Piacere Lavazza” App you will find:</p> <ul> <li>Complete manual including pairing</li> <li>Tutorials</li> </ul> <p>3)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Full manual downloadable online and via QR code</p> <ul> <li>Full manual: downloadable from the online product sheet and via the QR Code inserted in the printed manual.</li> </ul>


Know the features of the Lavazza App related to the use of Lavazza Voicy

  • 1) How can I turn Voicy on and off via the app?

    <p>Using the “Turn on” button that appears on the “your Voicy” panel or from the central button&nbsp;on the app&nbsp;-&gt;&nbsp;Power On&nbsp;Machine</p>
  • 2) How long does it take Voicy to turn on and after how long does it take to go to stand by?

    <p>The machine turns on as soon as the command is sent via APP (&lt;= 35sec).</p> <p>The machine goes into Stand-By as soon as the shutdown command is sent via APP or after 9 minutes of inactivity.</p>
  • 3) How can I change the language of the voice?

    <p>The language can be changed following the path YOUR MACHINES&gt; &quot;VOICY&quot;&gt; VOICE LANGUAGE.</p>
  • 4) How can I create my capsule supply?

    <p>From the central button on&nbsp;the&nbsp;app -&gt; Update Coffee Capsule&nbsp;Stocks &gt; Coffee Capsules Available&nbsp;from&nbsp;here you can set the number of remaining capsules and the minimum number of capsules for which the APP&nbsp;arns you that you are about to run out of your supply. On the same page it is possible to place an order on <a href=""></a>.</p> <p><i>&nbsp;</i></p>
  • 5) How can I create my own coffee?

    <p>You can turn on the machine by following the path on the App BUTTON +&gt; MAKE PERSONAL COFFEE&gt; CREATE A NEW COFFEE&gt; CREATE YOUR&nbsp;OWN&nbsp;COFFEE. At this point a scroll bar appears where you can select the desired amount of coffee. By pressing CONTINUE you can choose the desired brewing temperature, a reminder about the preparation and the personalized icon among those available. The last phase is the choice of the name of your personal coffee. At this point you can press SAVE YOUR COFFEE.</p>
  • 6) I created a custom coffee, gave it a name but Voicy doesn’t recognize it. What should I do?

    <p>• Check if the name pronounced is the one actually saved in the &quot;your personalized coffees&quot; section.</p> <p>• Check that the machine is connected to the network and has received the command via Alexa APP.</p> <p>• Check the various steps for creating your own coffee.</p>
  • 7) I have created more personalized coffees; how can I understand which Coffee Voicy is delivering?

    <p>Based on the name given to your personalized coffee.</p>
  • 8) How many personalized coffees can I create?

    <p>There is no limit.<i> </i></p>
  • 9) How can I assign a name to the machine?

    <p>Ask the user to open the Lavazza App and access the &quot;Your machines&quot; section. From here you can change the name of the machine. MACHINES&gt; SELECT THE MACHINE&gt;&nbsp;COFFEE&nbsp;MACHINE NAME. Once the name has been set, press CONFIRM.</p>
  • 10) I changed the name of the machine, but the name is not recognized, what should I do?

    <p>Check if the spoken name is the one actually saved in the Profile/Your machine section.<i></i></p>
  • 11) Which machine alert can I view in the App?

    <p>The alerts that can be displayed are:</p> <ul> <li>The capsule drawer is full</li> <li>The capsule drawer is open</li> <li>The water tank is empty</li> <li>It's time to descale the machine</li> <li>General Error -&gt; associated with the machine shutdown key which turns red</li> </ul> <p><i>&nbsp;</i></p>
  • 12) How often are the statistics updated?

    <p>The statistics are updated at the end of each delivery.</p>


Possible interactions in the Lavazza environment

  • 1) Alexa does not turn on Voicy

    <p>Voicy is not connected to the Wi-Fi network</p> <p>The Lavazza skill is not active on the Alexa App</p> <p>Voicy has not been added to your profile on the App</p>
  • 2) Alexa does not turn off Voicy

    <p>Voicy is not connected to the Wi-Fi network</p> <p>The Lavazza skill is not active on the Alexa APP</p> <p>Voicy has not been added to your profile on the app</p>
  • 3) How can I trace Lavazza’s available skills?

    <p>Check that the Lavazza skill is active and if it is not, download and activate it from the Alexa APP</p>
  • 4) Voicy does not understand the command "Alexa, make me a coffee (+ various options)" and turns off or says that it does not know / that it is an artificial intelligence / I am not a coffee machine. How to proceed?

    <p>Check that the Amazon account on the APP is correctly configured and try to disconnect and then reconnect the Amazon user.</p> <p>Check that the Lavazza skill is active or has not been deactivated.</p>
  • 5) If I ask Voicy to make a coffee, which coffee is brewed?

    <p>By default, it prepares espresso.<i></i></p>
  • 6) If I ask Voicy to make my favourite coffee and she says she doesn't understand or she turns off, what should I do?

    <p>Try to request it by spelling out the name well, maybe you didn't understand. If it does not work, check that the Amazon account on the APP is correctly configured and try to disconnect and then reconnect the Amazon user.<i></i></p>
  • 7) Voicy does not prepare personalized coffee via APP ("my coffee").

    <p>Try to unplug Voicy's power socket and plug it in again. Wait for the blue disc to finish lighting up, reopen the APP and try to make coffee again.<i></i></p>
  • 8) I can interact with the machine via voice, but not via the app, what should I do?

    <p>Try to unplug Voicy's power socket and plug it in again. Wait for the blue disc to finish lighting up, reopen the APP and try to make coffee again.</p> <p>Check that the Amazon account on the APP is correctly configured and try to disconnect and then reconnect the Amazon user. Check that the Lavazza skill is active or has not been deactivated.</p>


Possible interactions not in the Lavazza environment

  • If the consumer has questions or problems with the Alexa module, for example:

    <p>o Routine creation</p> <p>o Calls and messages, Drop-in</p> <p>o Listen to music</p> <p>o Tune-in</p> <p>o Skill 3rd party interactions</p> <p>o Smart Home</p> <p>o Etc ..</p> <p>Provide Amazon customer service reference: <a href=""></a></p>
  • If you have any questions about Spotify

    <p>Information on setting up with Spotify can be found on the Help Page</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>For the “Piacere Lavazza” App there is no integration with Spotify.<i></i></p>


Functionality and features of the physical Alexa module

  • 1) How do you use Alexa?

    <p>Alexa allows you to ask questions and requests using just your voice. For example, you can ask Alexa a question, like “What's the weather in London today?”, or ask her to do something, like “Add cat food to my shopping list” or “Put some jazz on”. When you talk to Alexa, the record of what you asked for is sent to the Amazon cloud so that your request can be processed and answered. The ways Alexa is activated vary depending on the type of device you are using. On devices that do not require the use of hands, such as Amazon Echo, Alexa is activated by saying the activation word (&quot;Alexa&quot;). On other devices, Alexa is activated by pressing a button.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Reference Help Page : <a href=""></a><i></i></p>
  • 2) How do Alexa’s skills work?

    <p>&nbsp;Alexa Skills are comparable to apps that allow you to perform a greater number of actions activated via voice commands.</p> <p>Reference Help Page : <a href=""></a><i></i></p>
  • 3) Does Alexa record everything I say? Is Alexa always listening?

    <p>No. By default, Echo devices are designed to detect the activation word “Alexa”. The device detects the activation word by receiving the sound impulses corresponding to this activation word. No audio is stored or sent to the cloud unless the device detects the activation word (“Alexa”).</p> <p>Reference Help Page : <a href=""></a><i></i></p>
  • 4) What happens when I talk to Alexa?

    <p>When you talk to Alexa, the recording of what you asked for is transmitted to Amazon's servers to allow Amazon's systems to recognize speech and language understanding in order to process the request and respond. Amazon associates your requests with your Amazon account to allow you to take advantage of other Amazon services (in this way, for example, you can ask Alexa to read your Kindle books) and to offer you an even more personalized experience. For example, keeping track of the songs you've listened to helps Alexa select songs to play when you ask her &quot;Alexa, put on some music&quot;.</p> <p>Sometimes Alexa may give you suggestions based on your requests. For example, if you're a Prime Music user and ask to play a song that isn't available on that service, Alexa may offer you the option to sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited. Alexa may also suggest some Alexa skills you might like based on the ones you already use.</p> <p>Reference Help Page: <a href=""></a><i></i></p>
  • 5) How does Amazon use the permissions related to the mobile device I have provided in the Alexa app?

    <p>The Alexa App requires permissions related to your mobile device to access certain features or information (for example, the microphone, camera, and location). Below you can find a list of some permissions that the Alexa App may request along with a description of some of the ways in which these permissions are used by Amazon. You can manage the permissions you have provided to the Alexa App from the Settings of your mobile device.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Reference &nbsp;Help Page: <a href=""></a></p> <p>Location. We use the geolocation of your mobile device to provide you with results (for example, information on weather, traffic and to suggest restaurants) based on the place where you are using the app and to enable certain features. On some mobile devices, we also ask for location authorization to locate and connect nearby Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi networks to help you configure certain Alexa-enabled devices.</p> <p>Microphone. We use the microphone on your mobile device to listen to your requests and to enable the Alexa Communication feature. On some mobile devices, we may require microphone access permission to process audio from your Alexa-enabled Bluetooth device.</p> <p>Contacts. We use your mobile device contacts to help you make calls, send messages, and connect with your friends and family. For more information on how to use Alexa Communication, please read the Alexa Communication FAQ.</p> <p>Archiving. To enable some Alexa features we may need to store data locally on the device. Some data could, for example, be stored to improve the performance of the app.</p> <p>Camera. We use the camera on your mobile device to enable video calling and simplify device setup.</p> <p>Notifications. We use notifications to send you alerts, such as those related to receiving new messages or calls.</p> <p>Operation of the app in the background. To use certain devices with Alexa integration (such as Echo Auto) and functionality, the Alexa App needs to be authorized to operate in the background on some mobile devices.<i></i></p>
  • 6) Why does Alexa sometimes happen inadvertently?

    <p>In some cases, your Alexa-enabled device may interpret another word or sound as an activation word (for example, the name &quot;Alex&quot; or someone saying &quot;Alexa&quot; on the radio or television). We identify these behaviours as &quot;involuntary activations&quot;. Amazon's team of world-class scientists and engineers are constantly working to improve our activation word detection technology and prevent inadvertent activations from occurring, including through the cloud verification mechanism described in FAQ &quot;How does Alexa minimize the amount of data sent to the cloud? &quot;. Whenever your Echo device detects the activation word, the audio recording and its sending to the cloud are signalled by a visual or audible indicator and you can review and delete the voice recordings associated with your account (including audio resulting from unintentional activations) from your voice history within the Alexa App by following the path Settings&gt; Alexa Account&gt; Alexa Privacy or from the site <a href=""></a><i></i></p>
  • 7) Are interactions with Alexa recorded? If so, where are they saved?

    <p>See privacy link ALEXA</p> <p><a href=""></a><i></i></p>
  • 8) How long are the records kept?

    <p>When you delete the voice recordings associated with your account from your voice history, we proceed to delete the voice recordings you have selected and the related transcripts from the Amazon cloud. If you choose not to save any voice recording, from the moment you made this choice, the transcripts related to your requests will be kept for 30 days after which they will be automatically deleted. We keep these transcripts to allow you to review the requests you made to Alexa in your voice history and to improve your experience with Alexa and our services. You can delete the transcripts at any time from the Alexa App by following the path Settings&gt; Alexa Privacy&gt; Review voice history.<i></i></p>
  • 9) How do I access the recordings and how can I delete them?

    <p>You can manage how your voice recordings can be used to improve our services and develop new features. You can choose to automatically delete voice recordings older than 3 or 18 months. Go to the Alexa Privacy settings page and select Manage Alexa Data. Click on the Automatically delete recordings setting. In the pop-up window, choose how long you want to keep the voice recordings.<i></i></p>
  • 10) How can I access and change my Amazon privacy settings?

    <p>You can review your voice recordings associated with your account, manage their use for the development of new features, delete them one by one, by date range or all together by accessing the Alexa App and following the path Settings&gt; Alexa Privacy or from the page From each of these pages, you can also choose whether to automatically delete voice recordings older than 3 or 18 months or not to save any voice recordings. If you choose not to save any voice recordings, we will automatically delete your voice recordings after processing your requests as well as any voice recordings in your voice history.<i></i></p>
  • 11) How do I know that the microphone is disabled?

    <p>&nbsp;Echo devices have a button to mute the microphone. If you press this button, the microphones are deactivated, and a red light turns on to indicate the deactivation. When the microphones are off, your device cannot record and stream audio to the cloud even if you say your chosen activation word.<i></i></p>
  • 12) The Alexa audio (Voicy) is too low and does not go up with the - or + buttons.

    <p>Ask Alexa to turn up the volume.<i></i></p>
  • 13) What do the colours on the Alexa module mean?

    <p>For the meaning of the individual colours see this link:</p> <p></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Alexa Q&amp;A section:</p> <p><a href=""></a><i></i></p>


General questions about Voicy

  • 1) What is the relationship between Amazon and Lavazza with respect to the creation of Voicy?

    <p>Lavazza and Amazon respectively represent excellence and tradition in the world of coffee and a strong experience in the field of voice assistants. The partnership allows both companies, by virtue of their knowledge, to create an extremely technological product: the new Lavazza A Modo Mio Voicy. This coffee machine becomes part of the Lavazza A Modo Mio system and offers the possibility, through the integration of an audio speaker and the Alexa voice assistant, to control it via voice, to listen to music, to connect it to your Smart devices and to enjoy many other contents.<i></i></p>
  • 2) Where is the machine manufactured?

    <p>The machine is made in China.</p>
  • 3) At what pressure does the pump work?

    <p>The pump works at 10 bars.<i></i></p>
  • 4) Why did you only produce the black colour?

    <p>Black is elegance and technology. Behind the choice of a single colour there is the search for a premium design that, at the same time, highlights the technological component given by the integration of Alexa.<i></i></p>
  • 5) What material is the machine made of?

    <p>Body and tank in plastic material, grill in STAINLESS STEEL, lever in painted ALUMINIUM.</p>
  • 6) What is the correct way to dispose of the machine?

    <p>Take it to a WEEE collection centre.<b></b></p>
  • 7) Why didn't you introduce the milk component?

    <p>We made this choice following a market analysis of consumer preferences and in consideration of some technical constraints and inherent in the final cost of the product.<i></i></p>
  • 8) I notice that the machine is not autonomous with respect to the actions I ask it to do via app or voice. Why haven't you introduced a cup presence, lowered lever, and capsule presence control system?

    <p>We made this choice following a market analysis of consumer preferences and in consideration of some technical constraints and inherent in the final cost of the product.<i></i></p>
  • 9) What is the point of expressing preferences on sugar, milk corrections, if they are not options managed in the delivery of coffee?

    <p>The additional features of the coffees will allow Voicy to memorize everyone's preferences and, if necessary, to&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; remind the user when asked what to include in the individual customizations.<i></i></p>
  • 10) Can I insert the capsule and leave it in the compartment until I decide to brew a coffee?

    <p>There are no contradictions in this regard, but remember that when the capsule is inserted into the housing, it is pre-drilled, so the aroma and the yield of the coffee in the cup could be compromised.</p>
  • 11) Is it always necessary to insert the capsule manually before being able to brew a coffee?

    <p>With the Lavazza A Modo Mio Voicy machine it is necessary to manually insert the capsule before dispensing each coffee. There is no capsule tank for automatic dispensing</p>
  • 12) Is it possible to dispense the instant products, is the capsule insertion manual?

    <p><b><i>&nbsp;</i></b></p> <p>Yes, with the Lavazza A Modo Mio Voicy machine it is possible to brew coffee and instant products such as Barley and Ginseng. It is necessary to manually insert the capsule before dispensing each coffee.<i></i></p>