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After 20 years of collaboration, Lavazza is Save the Children's longest-standing partner company.

By Lavazza Team 2/3 minutes

For 20 years, the Lavazza Foundation has been working with Save the Children, the humanitarian aid organization, to improve the lives of young boys and girls through better education, health care, and economic opportunities. 

This non-profit organization, with 25,000 dedicated staff across 122 countries, has been fighting for over 100 years to save children at risk and guarantee them a future. 

Since 2001, Lavazza and Save the Children have collaborated on various initiatives in nine different countries: Italy, Yemen, Indonesia, Nepal, India, Ivory Coast, China, Vietnam and Myanmar. These initiatives primarily focus on mitigating emergencies, promoting the health of mothers and their children, supporting youths and welcoming underage migrants.  

In the early years, this partnership initially focused on providing support to girls, children, young people and families who have experienced conflict, humanitarian emergencies or hardship, such as the earthquakes in Central Italy and Nepal and the tsunami in Indonesia. Then, it began supporting the development of health and nutrition programs in developing countries, such as India, Ethiopia, and Myanmar.  

Over time, this partnership has been strengthened by its support of programs to protect children's rights and their endorsement of the Children's Rights and Business Principles, the first comprehensive set of principles to guide companies on the full range of actions they can take in the workplace, in the marketplace and in the community to respect and support children's rights.

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Currently, an important part of this long-standing partnership is its contribution to international programs, such as New Horizons, aimed at providing young people with vocational training that will help them find skilled employment in the future.  

A Cup of Learning, an international program implemented by Lavazza, is also part of this initiative through the direct participation of our experts, who have made their know-how and energy available by providing, first-hand in the field, theoretical and practical elements to become professional baristas to 120 young people who have now earned a professional certification. 

At Lavazza, we strongly believe that every child has the right to grow up healthy and in safe conditions, and our long-standing partnership with Save the Children attests to this. More importantly, this partnership has been key to the transformation of the lives of thousands of children who, thanks to the possibility of having an education, now have a different outlook on life.

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