How can you make a cup of quality coffee anywhere and any time? This was probably the question behind the invention of the AeroPress system devised by Alan Adler, the famous American inventor of aerodynamic toys.


Presented to the public in 2005, the AeroPress is lightweight, easy to use and makes an excellent cup of coffee, and proved a success in the most avant-garde coffee shops, among brewing lovers and with all the home baristas who love enjoying a good cup of coffee at home, but also when on the move or outdoors.


AeroPress: an extraordinary invention in the Coffee Brewing sector


There are numerous methods for preparing coffee: from ancient and traditional ones, to recent inventions. One of these is the AeroPress system, created as recently as 2005 but already a classic on the worldwide coffee brewing scene.


What is the AeroPress?


The AeroPress is an alternative coffee extraction system to the moka pot, consisting of a polypropylene cylinder, a piston and a paper filter. It has enjoyed fairly widespread and rapid success in America and, over the past couple of years, has slowly been introduced in Italy as well. It produces similar body to a moka pot without risking the bitter burnt notes that the high temperatures of the classic moka pot can create in the coffee.


Filter coffee is one of the most popular in the world and is especially loved in the United States and Northern Europe. It is a simple but fascinating technique: Filter coffee needs time to produce the best results: it is a perfect balance between the right dose of the blend, the right temperature and the extraction time.


How does the AeroPress work?


If you love Americano coffee, you should definitely try the original AeroPress extraction method.


 Here’s the recipe for your filter coffee:


· Put two spoonfuls of Lavazza coffee in the aeropress

· Fill the machine with boiling water up to number 3-4

· Press the plunger down so that the coffee moves into the cup

· Add more boiling water to the coffee to fill the cup.


Unlike coffee made with the moka pot, AeroPress coffee is more delicate and smooth, the higher percentage of caffeine is more digestible, and the flavours and fragrances come out more in the cup.


Now you can enjoy a good cup of Lavazza coffee with the aeropress, wherever you are!