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    Among the Famous Hats of Ascot, There Are Also Those of the Chefs who Choose Lavazza.

    Since 1711, British women have sat and watched England's most famous horse race. For the last four years, they have done so drinking coffee.

    As any English person knows, Ascot is an annual event that draws 65,000 visitors a year, including Her Majesty the Queen, an unfailing patron since her coronation.


    Among the horse races, royal family members and impeccable outfits in perfect British style, there is, unexpectedly, a touch of Made in Italy: Lavazza, which chose Tierra coffee to delight the palates of the English nobles. A velvety and sweet espresso, with an intense body and hints of caramel and hazelnuts, it is to be savoured while gazing at the racecourse and the horses.


    A blend that best mixes two experiences which seem so different but have, in fact, been found to be perfectly compatible. Two of the most lauded Michelin-starred chefs in England have sealed this pairing as a winner: Phil Howard and Raymond Blanc have identified Tierra, Intenso, Rotundo and Dek as excellent Italian allies to help enhance their British menus.

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